Dried Mango

Crede Hemp Extract 

CBD Oil is a general health supplement with potential anti-anxiety, pain relief, and sleep-aid properties.

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OhMega's sulphite-free dried mango strips are made from wild-grown mangoes harvested in Mozambique. They are sun-ripened and collected by small-holder farmers from neighbouring villages, contributing to a production model that is socially and environmentally responsible. These sweet-tasting dried mango strips are high in fibre, making them both delicious and healthy too.

Dried mango is a healthy, ready-to-eat snack. It can be enjoyed on its own or added to breakfasts, granolas, curries, chutneys and trail mixes.

Made from only the finest grade sun-ripened Mozambican mangoes, Credé's dried mango strips are tasty, and best of all locally produced in Africa.

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Dried Mango Strips (100g)
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Dried Mango Strips (300g)