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Credé Oils strictly follow the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point management system. Benefits of HACCP certification is the following: 1. Process based system: Business will benefit from a clear definition of processes and procedures. Effective communication and continual process improvements are the cornerstones of a functioning management system.  2, Customer and Consumer Confidence: A controlled food operating environment and effectively implemented and applied food safety system will improve customer and consumer confidence in the safety of the food.

Organic Certification


Credé Oils is audited by SGS, an affiliate of LACON, which is an internationally recognised Organic Certification Body. All of our organic products are stored, manufactured, and bottled in separate organic production areas thereby ensuring that only organic products of the highest quality are delivered to our customers. Traceability is vital when it comes to organic certification and we take care in ensuring that any organic products that we source can be traced back to their origin, along with the certification that proves its organic status. All certificates are available on request.



All of our oil products are certified Halaal, and carry the logo of the South African National Halaal Association (SANHA) who ensure that we follow the correct guidelines when it comes to the manufacturing and bottling of our products. Our Halaal certification is available on request.



Similarly, all of our products are certified Kosher by the Cape-Beth-Din, and also carry the PAREV logo on the back of the bottle. Audits of our premises ensure that we follow the correct guidelines required for Kosher certification. Our Kosher Certification is available on request.

Certificates of Analysis

At Credé Oils, we ensure that all of our oils are tested on a regular basis by a reputable, third party laboratory to ensure that only the best quality oils are bottled on our premises. Certificates of analysis for all of our oils are available on request

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