Dried Mango Strips

Sulphite Free

Wild-grown and sun-ripened, our delicious and healthy suplhur-free dried mangoes are locally harvested in Mozambique

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Credé offers a variety of gluten and wheat-free flours that are excellent for baking. As flour is an extremely common ingredient in most foods,  those suffering from celiac disease or gluten intolerance may be in search of alternative flours.

The Credé range includes Hemp, Coconut, Flax, and Almond flour. These flours are especially popular in keto and banting diets.



Crede Almond Flour South Africa
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Almond Flour (500g)
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Coconut Flour (500g)
Crede Coconut Sugar
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Coconut Sugar (300g)
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Flax Flour (500g)
Buy Crede Hemp Flour South Africa
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Hemp Flour (300g)