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Black Seed Lip Balm

Our Mission:

to bring the transformative healing powers of Black Seed to skincare users worldwide

The basis of our success. We know our products work because we use them ourselves and because we, our families and our friends have come to rely on them. Working with the latest technology to extract the key active ingredients from Black Seed, we have developed a range of skincare products that truly works.

means saying ‘no’ to ingredients and products that are harmful to animals, people or the planet. We say ‘yes’ to natural, organic and locally produced products. Our products are designed based on Clean Beauty principles, and we don’t use parabens, petroleum, palm oil or animal products. 

Wherever possible, our ingredients are locally, naturally and ethically sourced. We do not test anything on animals, and we ensure that our products are safe for you and your family to use on your skin. We don’t use parabens, petroleum, palm oil, or animal products.  Furthermore, the majority of our ingredients are manufactured in South Africa.

What does it actually mean?  We produce many of our own ingredients in South Africa, including crushing our own black seed oil.  And every skincare product we make is produced in house, in our factory near Cape Town.  We’re so committed to localisation, we have built our own organic coconut-processing facility in Mozambique to create jobs closer to home. We hope to use ingredients from our Mozambican plant in future skincare products – watch this space!

Credé Oils is a long-time certified organic supplier of food products. We are now in the process of gaining the COSMOS natural and organic certification for our skincare range too. This European-led certification puts us in line with leading practices in natural and organic skincare. 

Many of our products are already 100% natural and we are aiming for organic certification across the entire range by the end of 2022.

Sedex is an international certification of ethical business practices, covering everything from working conditions to compensation. Crede Oils is proud to be SEDEX-certified to give you peace of mind that when you spend money with us, it’s going to the places that need it most.

What does this actually mean? We pay our employees good wages, including a Retirement Annuity, provide basic health insurance and annual health check-ups. We run an annual learnership program for unemployed workers. We are thoroughly audited each year on all aspects of health and safety. Above all, we treat everyone with respect. As a result, we have exceptionally low staff turnover.

Polishing Clay Mask

A weekly exfoliating black seed mask for instantly smoother, glowing skin. For skin that is sensitive, flaky, damaged or inflamed.

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