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Buttered Up!


Nut butters have become a pantry staple for so many South Africans, and with peanut butter just about part of our DNA, it comes as no surprise that customers are increasingly on the lookout for new and interesting healthy nut butters to trial. The majority of Oh Mega nut butters contain nothing but crushed nuts, and that means that they are as healthy, as they are tasty.

So where did the Oh Mega journey with nut butters begin? Historically Credé has been first and foremost, a pressed oils manufacturer. Around 2010 when considering expanding the Credé offering, we explored the option of producing a healthy peanut butter. Globally, nut butters were becoming a superfood trend, and we thought we’d test South Africa’s appetite for them. Omegas were as popular then as they are today, and because flaxseed oil is a fabulous source of Omega 3, we decided to develop a tasty peanut butter containing flaxseed. Importantly the aim was to eliminate any nasties like salt or sugar from the recipe – without compromising on taste. And so the Oh Mega range was born, with the initial peanut butter containing flaxseed oil and a splash of honey for natural flavoring. The recipe has barely changed and is used to this day.

Early versions of the Oh Mega nut butter range

While the first butters produced under the Oh Mega range were smooth and crunchy peanut butters, gradually production expanded into other nut variations and flavours. Recently 100% Pure has been added to the peanut stable; it is honey free (and therefore vegan friendly) and is available in a 750g glass jar. Macadamia and cashew were next and now both unique variations enjoy a firm fan following. They are enjoyed drizzled over health breakfasts or used in baking – but mostly, we suspect, eaten straight from the jar! Our snack packs are perfect for this too; they are convenient to eat and ideal as an energy boost on-the-go.

Next up was almond butter, which could well be our most popular. It is ideal in smoothies, breakfast bowls, and on warm banana bread. We couldn’t stop there with the almonds, and the almond siblings include a chocolate and Crunchy version – each decadent and delicious. Tahini, a well-loved and not-to-be forgotten cousin of the nut butters, came a few years after the Oh Mega range was established. It involves a different production process yet fits perfectly into the range. It is used widely in Asian dishes and dressings and perhaps needs another seed-sibling to join it..

The nuts and seeds for the Oh Mega range are roasted and sorted on site in Somerset west. On most days, the factory is filled with a toasty aroma as the nuts are roasted, cooled, crushed and bottled. There’s no shortage of recipes to enjoy with our nut butters like CocoBean’s Frozen Fudge, or Mira’s Famous Tahini Sauce.

What’s your favourite?

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