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Black Seed Soap

PSORIASIS is an autoimmune disease characterised by rapid and excessive production of skin cells. This creates raised layers of abnormal skin that are typically dry, red-purple, flaky and itchy.  The causes of psoriasis are not completely understood, but involve a fault in the immune system creating a cascading series of inflammatory reactions that ultimately lead to excess skin cell growth.

Because psoriasis is an inflammatory disease, most treatments are themselves targeted at reducing or alleviating inflammation.  Traditionally, steroid creams or tar ointments have been used for psoriasis, though these treatments can be cumbersome, unsightly and can have long-term side effects.  In recent years, new classes of biologic drugs have been developed, which can be quite effective, though at substantial cost.

Credé Skin Balm can be effective at alleviating the symptoms of psoriasis because of the anti-inflammatory properties of Black Seed Oil and the nourishing properties of argan, jojoba and aloe vera. For mild cases of psoriasis, Credé Skin Balm may prove effective at reducing the affected skin area.  In more serious cases where much of the body is affected, it may be uneconomical to use the Skin Balm for extended period.  We invite questions on this topic from interested readers, as psoriasis is a topic very dear to our hearts.

Many people suffering from psoriasis struggle to wash their sensitive skin with normal soap or body wash. Credé Soap Bar is a gentle cleansing bar recommended as a natural alternative to other foaming soaps which generally contain sodium lauryl – a harsh chemical that aggravates psoriasis and related skin conditions. Credé Cleansing Milk is likewise a suitable choice for someone with areas of psoriasis on their face.

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