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Black Seed Face Cream

PIGMENTATION refers to the colouring of the skin, and pigmentation disorders are changes in the natural skin colour of parts of the skin.  Melanin is the pigment that gives skin its characteristic colour and it is produced in the basal layer of the skin by specialised cells called melanocytes. 

HYPERPIGMENTATION  is a darkening of patches of skin caused by excess melanin production. Hormones in the body produce excess melanin because of sun exposure, pregnancy, inflammation, acne or medication.

Topical treatment with Nigella Sativa extract, can achieve great results in lightening the skin. Black Seed contains vitamin A, various amino and fatty acids, which collectively reduce discolouration and regenerate skin cells. Credé Skin Clearing Serum, Face Cream and Skin Balm all contain varied quantities of black seed and can be used to effectively combat pigmentation.

VITILIGO is a pigmentation disorder resulting in a loss of colour in some areas of the skin. There is no clear explanation for the cause of vitiligo, but it appears to be associated with both autoimmune disorders (where the immune system is not working correctly and can attack the body) and inflammatory diseases.  Common treatments include steroid creams and ultraviolet light, although UV light therapy poses skin cancer risks.

Recent research has shown re-pigmentation following topical application of Nigella Sativa. Black Seed appears to aid the dispersal of melanin in the skin. We recommend the use of Black Seed Skin Balm on affected areas and this may also reduce the sensation of itching.  For smaller patches, Credé Spot Treatment may also be effective.

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A weekly exfoliating black seed mask for instantly smoother, glowing skin. For skin that is sensitive, flaky, damaged or inflamed.

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